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Bichon Frise and Small Breed Rescue
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12/30/2010- 13 more dogs just came in- rescued from a puppymill in Virginia and flown to us by Pilots N Paws


Bratpack Rescue Saves 3 Puppy Mill Bichons from Missouri and 3 Puppy Mill Shih Tzus from Central Florida
December 19, 2010

Bratpack Rescue received three puppy mill bichons from Missouri- one boy and two girls. They were flown to Florida with some other dogs by a volunteer for Pilots for Paws. All three need to be spayed/neutered and have horribly rotten teeth. They have other issues such as infections, tick disease, urinary tract problems, just to name a few. Bratpack volunteers Fred, Marilyn, Joyce and Caitlin were on hand to triage and care for the bichons.

Bratpack President Karla received the shih tzus:

The 3 little shih tzus  are in need of some help. Comet is the healthiest of them all. His teeth were in good shape and he is about 5-7 years old.   He is a runner (has not gotten away from me)... but I can tell.   He is trying to play with Blossom and not getting it but Blossom is a baby and she will teach him plenty of bad habits. :-)   None of them are too sure about doors how to get in or out...  etc. They definitely lack social skills. He is SWEET and not a mean bone in his body.   He can be placed asap. Rudy is about 8-10,  His ears are infected (no worries that I can fix) He has the bad kind of chronic dry eye that requires Restasis that is extrememly expensive.   He will need an owner with dry eye as a requirement and they can share meds.  (lol, but I am serious) He has already had some vision loss and would have been completely blind within a few months if rescue had not intervened.  He lost many teeth and his ears are worse than Comet's.   He will be placeable and is cute.   He too has no social skills, does not know about a house etc. He was a main stud I think as he is humping  lots.   His prostate is somewhat enlarged which is another sign of over breeding. 

Clarise puts me to tears. The fact that this "breeder" bred this dog is a CRIME.   This poor girl is about 5 and was well on her way to pymetria (infected uterus that can be deadly). According to Doc-  she has had at least 3-5 liters of pups. That is not the worst. This dog does NOT have bad knees, as we were thought. She was most likely stepped on at some point by a person.  God help us  if this is genetic and she was pumping out pups. She walks (if you call it that) like a seal out of the water.  She has extreme atrophy and "slithers" or paddles as she walks.   She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and the SWEETEST dog. Doc said there is really nothing to do at this point as it is an old injury.   I am hoping that with regular exercise she will start to build up some strength. I can not tell you how angry I am about this darling 10lb little girl.   The thought of her being pregnant and barely being able to walk not pregnant is sickening...  



Check back later for more pictures!

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Bratpack Rescue Saves 3 More Puppy Mill Bichons out of Central Florida
January 22, 2009
Bratpack Rescue was contacted by another rescue group and asked to take 3 bichons  from a puppy mill in Citrus County FL that were dropped off at the County shelter.   The 9 year old dogs, 2 female and 1 male, are all heartworm positive, and like all mill dogs have no socialization skills and vacant stares.     The pups have severe flea dermatitis, rotted teeth, no muscle tone and are extremely thin.  All three pups are currently receiving vet care and we are hoping for the best. 
This is the second time in the past 12 months that Bratpack has been contacted to rescue bichons from Puppymill situations.   Last Spring Marilyn Lentini, past President of the group, traveled down a dirt road to meet someone who handed Mrs. Lentini 4 filthy, matted mill dogs from out of state.  All four have traveled their own long road back to health and are are enjoying life in their new loving adoptive homes.    
This time, Wendy Scott  transported 2 of the 3 to Orlando to meet current president Karla Roarty and her son at Union Park Animal Hospital for evaluation and to start medical treatment.  The third mill girl who has been named Iris  was picked up directly by Joanne Shaut, another volunteer within the Bratpack organization, and will be receiving vet care in the Eustis area.

On Wednesday, April 16, 2008, Bratpack volunteers were called to pick up some bichons that were rescued from a Missouri puppymill. Many of you watched the recent broadcast about puppymills on the Oprah show. If you are unfamiliar with puppymills, or if you would like some additional information, please watch the informational video below, produced by PETA and narrated by Charlize Theron. (WARNING: The topic and images may be disturbing)



Kathy and Cotton



Kathy and Lester



Precious - What's going on???

Precious and Cotton - quarantine

Bath time!

I think we need another one...

So frightened

Cotton gets a bath, too

Cotton walks on a leash (sorta')